Friday, July 8, 2016

East Africa: Potentials for Economic Integration in the Horn of Africa

Solomon Dibaba,

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The Horn of Africa will no more be depicted as a center of permanent wars. The region boasts multiple kinds of natural resources like irrigable river basins, minerals including gold, natural gas, potash, coal, iron ore, gemstones, forest resources and millions of hectares of land for agriculture. ...
Promotion of public diplomacy that has already started between Sudan and Ethiopia is ... [an] important element in the promotion of economic integration in the Horn. Similar diplomatic initiatives between the rest of the countries of the Horn will certainly help to boost regional economic integration and the promotion of peace and tranquility in.
Cooperation between institutes of higher leanings and universities in the Horn of Africa will help to strengthen capacity building programs that will help to produce highly qualified manpower that could help to accelerate economic development in each country of the Horn and thereby contribute to the promotion of economic integration.
The diversity of cultures and historical heritages in each country of the Horn of Africa are important assets on which the leadership and peoples of the countries of the region can fall back on. Very little has been so far done in these areas which could be exploited for the benefit of the peoples of the region. ...

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