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Public Diplomacy Small Grant Opportunities Embassy of the United States of America, Windhoek, Namibia.

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Public Diplomacy Small Grant Opportunities Embassy of the United States of America, Windhoek, Namibia. The Public Affairs Office accepts innovative project proposals on a rolling basis year-round and, as funds are identified, offers small grants under USD $15,000 to non-governmental organizations to further professional and educational development. Ideal project ideas integrate mass communication and technological advancement to promote public dialogue about issues related to democracy and governance, business and entrepreneurship, and civic engagement. Exclusions: a sample of activities and items excluded for Public Diplomacy funding include

 Land or repair or construction of facilities
 Payment of recurring operating costs such as rent, salaries, administrative or operating costs, ongoing training/education needs, medications, fuel, animal feed, or seeds.
 Costs of fund-raising campaigns
 Religious, partisan, or military activities, as well as those relating to police, prisons, or law enforcement.
 Cash reserves, endowments, or revolving credit schemes.
 Equipment not associated with a broader program.
 Land or buildings.
 Vehicles, luxury goods, or items to be owned by an individual.
 Costs for administrative time or materials not directly related to performing project work;
 Costs of work performed prior to announcement of the award;  Contingency or miscellaneous fees
 Administrative staff or administrative fees greater than 5% of the overall project costs;
 International travel, except where travel for outside specialists is justifiable and integral to the success of the project (international travel will be considered on a case-by-case basis).
 Awards to individuals except when a determination is made that that the individual gain is warranted for a greater program focus Proposal Requirements:

All project proposals must address the following: 1. Goal and summary of description to include significance and urgency of project 2. Time frame from date of grant award 3. Rationale for U.S. support 4. Detailed description of direct and indirect beneficiaries: number, gender, age, location 5. Itemized project budget with cost-share of other donors (quantify in-kind contributions) 6. Recipient information – including brief bio, title organization, contact information Review and Selection Process The U.S. Embassy in Windhoek will conduct a preliminary review of all submitted project proposals, assess and determine funding availability. Reporting requirements: All awards recipients must submit progress and final reports as specified in the award documents.

Public Affairs Office Embassy of the United States of America Tel: 264-61-229-801

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