Friday, July 8, 2016

Senior Public Diplomacy Adviser

The Sovereign Challenge program is designed to provide multiple perspectives to bridge the gap between alternative modes of thinking and shaping relationships with a core network of foreign, defense, and law enforcement attaches. That involves engaging with diplomats, security experts and influential officials to address complex global problems.  The Sovereign Challenge program works to maintain relationships grounded in respect, rapport, trust, and cooperation in order to promote the United States Government’s (USG) reputation and relevance within the international community.
Location: MacDill Air Force Base, Florida
Clearance: Must Have an Active TS/SCI Clearance
The Senior Public Diplomacy Adviser will assist the Sovereign Challenge Coordinator and the Sovereign Challenge Program Manager in all aspects of the program.  The adviser will develop and collect applicable metrics for all engagements and events, ensuring quality and facilitating future planning for the program.
The Senior Public Diplomacy Adviser is also responsible for providing, maintaining and storing after action reports, concept papers, participant dossiers, lessons learned reports and other program data on government portals and websites.
  • Must have the ability to communicate verbally in Arabic and English with foreign Defense Attachés at language proficiency level 2.
  • Must have 2 years of experience as Political Advisor (POLAD) or Deputy POLAD/ Foreign Liaison Officer/Defense Attaché/Foreign Area Officer (in any GCC or Functional Combatant Command (FCC) to more fully comprehend Department of State (DOS) Public Diplomacy goals.
  • Must have experience in planning, executing and facilitating group discussions and produce tangible results to include analysis useful to USSOCOM Enterprise as demonstrated in previous facilitator group discussions/strategic forums.
  • Ability to do comprehensive research and produce innovative thought-pieces, topics and processes to further improve Sovereign Challenge as demonstrated in public or private publications
  • Project Management Professional Certification or 3 years demonstrated project management experience.
  • Must have 1 year experience using MS Office products including SharePoint, word, and PowerPoint on a daily basis.
Saav Yadav
Totalis Consulting Group, Inc.
Phone:  (404) 242-0055

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