Friday, July 8, 2016

Opinion Kennedy-Agyapong Controversy 3: Views on Lydia Forson’s script

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Our Take On Lydia Forson’s Text On The Kennedy-Agyapong Controversy 3

Getting to the root of Ken’s allegation is therefore the right thing to do, after all the chairpersonship of the Electoral Commission (EC), like any public office in the land, is sacrosanct and must be held to a higher standard.
Also against this background, asking Ken to apologize to Madam Osei is morally wrong and politically premature since we are not privy to the kind of forensic evidence he has. He has already asked the public to dare him and he will reveal more. It is possible it may be Madam Osei who will have to apologize to Ken if this evidence turns out to be true. We wait to see!
Regardless, Ken is known for making sensational empty threats but this time around we must hold him accountable for his words and actions.
Again, this is because he might have some supporting evidence for his sensational allegation.
On the other hand if he does not have any supporting evidence then he must as well apologize to his constituency, the world at large, Madam Osei, and Ghanaians while doing the honorable thing by forfeiting or resigning his parliamentary seat. He must also seek help for his uninhibited outbursts, uneducated rhetoric and utterances, and abject ignorance of matters of public diplomacy. ...

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