Sunday, January 7, 2018

Special Report: Are Long-Term US Regime Change Efforts Behind Iran Change Protest?

Image from, with caption: Lis Davis Green saved to Persian Delight
[T]he the Bush administration and former secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice [see], created the Office of Iranian Affairs (OIA) which had offices not only in Tehran but also in many European Cities. ...

The OIA was used to organize and build the Iranian opposition to the government, a tactic the US has used in many countries. One of the roles of the office, reportedly, was to be “part of an effort to channel funds to groups that could aid opposition factions within Iran.” Rice testified in February 2006 about the State Department budget for Iran before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, saying:
“I want to thank the Congress for giving us $10 million to support the cause of freedom and human rights in Iran this year. We will use this money to develop support networks for Iranian reformers, political dissidents and human rights activists. We also plan to request $75 million in supplemental funding for the year 2006 to support democracy in Iran. That money would enable us to increase our support for democracy and improve our radio broadcasting, begin satellite television broadcasts, increase the contacts between our peoples through expanded fellowships and scholarships for Iranian students, and to bolster our public diplomacy efforts.
“In addition, I will be notifying that we plan to reprogram funds in 2007 to support the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people.” ...

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