Monday, January 8, 2018

Turkish TV series exceed $350 million in exports

Daily Sabah

Image from article, with caption: Aired from 2010 to 2011 on ATV, Gönülçelen (Becoming a Lady) has been exported to 67 countries in Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and North America.

Ranking second after the U.S. in global TV series sales, Turkish TV series made a significant leap in the last 10 years and hit higher than $350 million in foreign syndication

Yusuf Gürsoy, chairman of the Radio and Television Broadcasters Union (RATEM), told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the Turkish TV series sector has been showing a phenomenal development especially since 2010, stressing that Turkish TV series are watched all over the world today. "Through Turkish TV series, we can reach different cultures and geographies of the world. This is a very important development for Turkey," Gürsoy said, highlighting that especially the Middle Eastern countries and Turkic Republics show great interest in this regard. "With its history, culture and geographical richness, Turkey is a curious country, and an important promotional function is fulfilled through these series as well," he continued, adding that Turkish TV series and productions contribute to the country's public diplomacy and tourism by creating sympathy for Turkey.

Noting the fact that brands produced in Turkish series and the production sector increasing their competitiveness in the world market positively affects the employment as well, Gürsoy said the positive atmosphere created by the TV series in the countries in which they are aired also contributes to Turkey finding important support for the decision-making process in the international arena. ...

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