Sunday, February 25, 2018

A recount of diplomatic efforts in acquiring peace missions from the UN

Hemayet Uddin, The Daily Star

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Peacekeeping is one area where Bangladesh Public diplomacy has been at its best. Today Bangladesh is the top among the TCC JB - see] and PCC countries [JB - see] in the world. Our commitment to peace and our credibility in fulfilling the mandate of the PKOs including protecting the lives of civilians, has raised our profile in the comity of nations to the highest levels. For this we have to pay our tribute to the diplomatists at the policy-making and procedural negotiations and the honesty, integrity and professionalism of the armed forces and civilian police personnel who have put their lives in harm's way, for the cause of global peace, security and stability and earning the acceptance and confidence of the government and common people of the host countries. ...

What separates Bangladesh from others is the national policy to motivate them to a culture of peace. They are not mercenaries but professionals who go out to strange and foreign lands and in hostile conditions to help in restorations of peace and order and to help build institutions in post-conflict periods. They are trained to respect human rights and saving lives from atrocities and in-fights, to win the locals over and earn their confidence. This is among the many reasons why Bangladeshi peacekeepers are sought by the international community to serve the cause of peace and democracy.

The writer is former Foreign Secretary.

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