Monday, April 9, 2018

Egyptian ambassador to Japan eyes for boosting co-op ties


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Egyptian Ambassador to Japan Ayman Aly Kamel says he wants to convey the true image of Egypt and the Middle East in Japan.

"I would like to give a correct image, and project the true fact about the condition and development that my country and the Middle East managed to achieve during the past year," Kamel, who assumed his post in December, said Friday during a courtesy visit to The Japan Times.

"My role is not to make propaganda, but to engage in public diplomacy, [JB emphasis] meaning we have to be active with the media," he said.

Delivering the actual image of Egypt and the current situation in the country [i]s the best way to boost tourism and enhance investment, the ambassador said as he expressed hope that Japanese people will feel safe about visiting and expanding business in the Muslim country.

Kamel said he feels a fondness for Japan because the two countries have many values in common, such as traditions and respect toward the elderly.

"Japan can benefit from a good relationship with Egypt," he said.

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