Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Israeli Ministers Defend Soldiers Filmed Cheering in Sniper Video


Speaking on Israeli Army Radio, Naftali Bennett defended the soldiers reactions by saying 'anyone has been in combat knows that to sit in Tel Aviv and judge them is no serious'

  • Video shows motionless Palestinian shot by Israeli sniper to sound of soldiers' cheers
  • 7 Jewish activists arrested at Schumer’s NY office after calling on him to condemn Gaza deaths
  • Nu, open fire already
Education Minister Naftali Bennett came out Tuesday in defense of the Israeli soldiers seen in a video clip cheering after watching a sniper shoot a Palestinian approaching the border fence with the Gaza Strip. The IDF claims the video was filmed several months ago. ...

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan also defended the soldiers. “We have reached a level of insanity and delusion,” he said during an interview on Israeli radio. “Was it so boring in this country over the last day that this video needs to receive such exposure? To take a situation from the battlefield, when soldiers are under stress and explosive devices are being thrown at them and attempts are being made to infiltrate [the border], and to take their human response and judge them from the armchairs in Tel Aviv?” said Erdan.

“No country in the world does such a thing. It would have been better if the [soldiers'] happy reactions were not circulated, but to judge them and conclude something there was wrong, is crazy,” added Erdan.

Ofir Akunis, the science, technology and space minister, told Israeli radio that it is clear that such things should not happen, and it certainly damages Israel’s image. Israel’s public diplomacy [JB emphasis] work is difficult, almost impossible, he said.

Akunis also added that the video shows a Palestinian from Gaza approaching the border fence as a provocation and no one knew what his motive or target was. “He is not an innocent civilian who is coming to seek peace. I’m sure of that,” he said.

The video has provoked reactions on social media from both left and right wing Israeli lawmakers. ...

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