Friday, April 20, 2018

Israel at 70: 7 Challenges and Opportunities in Israel and the Jewish World

Eliana Rudee,

image (not from article) from, under the heading, World Zionist organization/HaHistadrut Hazionit Haolamit

Dov Lipman, former MK and Director of Public Diplomacy  [JB emphasis] in the WZO [JB: see] Vice-Chairman’s Office, maintained that the greatest challenge facing Israel relates to the unity of people in Israel. On one front, he explained, the Haredi population is growing “way beyond” the rest of the Israel, and “if they don’t join the work force and don’t participate in high numbers economically there’s no way Israel can sustain itself.”

He told Breaking Israel News, “animosity will grow between religious populations and the rest of Israel if the Haredi community continues to remain isolated, not participating in Israeli society and the army.”

On another front, Lipman maintained that “if the Haredi community holds onto its political power, we will never be able to move forward on these issues because in the system we have, they will always stop any government from moving forward on trying to find balance on balance between a Jewish and democratic State.” ...

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