Sunday, April 22, 2018

The State Department has a disastrous manpower [sic] shortage

Washington Examiner; original article contains links.

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The Trump administration bears blame itself for its continuing failure to appoint talented officials to crucial roles at the department's Foggy Bottom headquarters.

Today, aside from acting Secretary of State John Sullivan and the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy [JB emphasis] Heather Nauert  [JB: see], the department's senior ranks are either vacant or staffed by career personnel serving in acting capacities. At the next rung down, the assistant secretary level, only one Trump appointee is in office. ...
Trump and Pompeo should pick up the phone and engage young career diplomats in harnessing the diplomatic wind. While the two conservatives are not popular with many in the liberal-leaning department, they would win quick favor by empowering those who were underutilized by Tillerson and, previously, John Kerry's control-freak management style. We are confident of this, because it is exactly how Pompeo won favor at the CIA.

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