Saturday, May 5, 2018

A gutsy Kamran Khan, if only half-right

Pakistan Today

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Now let us come to the issue of national security. The CBS won a Peabody award for journalism for its exclusive report on the torture at the Abu Ghraib prison facility in Iraq. The security establishment did not want it to be made public. The case that it made was true: that it will be bad for the US on the public diplomacy [JB emphasis] front (it was) and that it will lead to a fresh wave of reprisals against American servicemen and women (it did) but the network still ran it. In the interest of the truth.

What about the Associated Press’ iconic photo of “the Napalm Girl”? The iconic photo, the bane of the American military establishment, was essential in turning the tide against the war.

Pakistan’s problem is more than other states. We are a “national security state.” The boundary lines for where “security matters” end are not clearly defined. Everything is a security matter. ...

[T]he media needs to keep asking questions from the relevant politician here and, in the absence of clear answers, voicing criticism and, what is more important, making fun of them. ...

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