Saturday, May 5, 2018

More public diplomacy activities

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Eritrean nationals residing in France, Germany, and the US conducted public diplomacy [JB emphasis] activities with the objective of assessing and enhancing organizational capacity, reports indicate.

According to the report, the Eritrean Ambassador in the Republic of France, Ms. Hanna Simon conducted a seminar for the nationals residing in Paris and its environs on the objective situation in the homeland and the role of nationals in the development programs.

Ambassador Hanna also gave briefing on the role of Eritreans in the Diaspora in the national development programs and on the significance of strengthening organizational capacity as well as on regional and international developments and their impact on the country.

In the same vein, the PFDJ organization in Germany conducted annual congress on 28 and 29 April in Heidelberg.

The Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in Germany, Mr. Yohannes Weldu gave briefing on the objective diplomatic and public activities and their progress.

The head of the Public and Community Affairs, Mr. Kahsai Tewelde on his part presented activity report and the charted out development programs.

At the meeting several research papers on various issues including on the opportunities and challenges of the Front, culture and cultural invasion, the role of nationals in portraying the true image of the country, enhancing economic and professional capacity of nationals as well as other topics of relevance were presented.

Similarly, the national associations in the Central West of the US conducted annual congress on 21-23 April in Ohio, Columbus.

The Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in the US, Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwet conducted a seminar on the objective situation in the homeland and on strengthening the Front.

The head of Public and Community Affairs, Ms. Hadenet Keleta and the Chairman of PFDJ in the Northern America, Mr. Mihreteab Andebrhan also gave briefings on the action plan of the 4th Front for Resilience and Economic Development as well as on the structuring and operation of the national committee.

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