Thursday, July 16, 2015

After deal, unity needed

Haim Shine

The deal reached between Iran and world powers will lead to far greater bloodshed. In the future, many people will pay the price for this early 21st century march of folly, in which U.S. President Barack Obama gave a free hand to a terrorist power. ...
Some Israelis, due to their dislike of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, were thrilled by the nuclear deal. One newscaster was beaming, but his expression turned sour when his interviewee -- former Prime Minister Ehud Barak -- poured cold water on his joy by backing Netanyahu's stance on Iran. There were numerous Israeli politicians and media personalities whose happiness about Netanyahu's misfortunes canceled out the concern they should have been feeling about the complex emergency situation into which Israel has been thrust.
On the other hand, the heads of some opposition parties have announced they will mobilize on behalf of the fight against the deal. Nuclear terrorism does not distinguish between the Left and Right, or between Jews and Arabs.
It is unfortunate that some self-proclaimed experts in the media continue to spout pre-packaged notions, rather than recognize the grim new reality. It would be better if these media personalities would join the vital public diplomacy effort against the deal.

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