Monday, July 27, 2015

In Appreciation of Jewish Women Role Models

Ronn Torossian,

Shaket image from

As a proud father of daughters, as someone who wants Jewish women (and all women) to be inspired to do great things, wanted to offer a list of ten Jewish women role models worthy of respect and admiration.
These women are all alive, committed to Jewish values – and intended to help provide strength of character and inspiration to anyone reading this list. ...
Ayelet Shaked: Israel’s Minister of Justice is only 39 years old, and has quickly proven herself to be a valiant woman making a difference for the Jewish State. She’s hard-working, eloquent and fights for what she believes is right. A secular leader of a religious party, her heritage is an amalgamation of Ashkenazi and Sephardic lineage. A charismatic leader, she rightfully pronounces “… that public diplomacy is the new battlefield and that money and resources must be invested to repulse the wave of incitement and lies spread about [Israel] around the world. The battlefield of public diplomacy is far more important today to the existence of the State of Israel than a tank battalion or an Apache squadron.” Expect to see so much more from Ms. Shaked for many years to come. Ms. Shaked is a strong Zionist women leader to be respected.

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