Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hillary Clinton endorses nuclear deal

Michael Crowley,

The success of the accord may now rest with the former secretary of state and Democratic frontrunner, who has long been more hawkish on Iran than Obama.

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Current and former administration officials say Clinton and Obama worked in harmony on Iran while she was his top diplomat. But they also consider Clinton more distrustful than Obama of a possible thaw in U.S.-Iranian relations. ...
Even so, Clinton played a key role in launching Obama’s dialogue with Tehran. As she twisted arms to win support for sanctions at the U.N., Clinton secretly dispatched two key deputies — including her top campaign foreign policy adviser, Jake Sullivan — to test the waters for negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. Those under-the-radar meetings, which remained secret for more than a year, laid the groundwork for the public diplomacy, which led to Tuesday’s deal. ...
Notably absent from Clinton’s rhetoric has been any hint that she sees Obama’s historic agreement as a possible first step toward restoring friendly relations between Washington and Tehran for the first time since the 1970s, a view held by some in the Obama administration.

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