Friday, July 17, 2015

Iranian Hard­Liners Say Nuclear Accord Crosses Their Red Lines

Thomas Erdbrink,


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When Iran’s supreme leader sent a note to the country’s president, thanking him for bringing the nuclear negotiations with the United States and other world powers to a conclusion, he added an important caveat. The comprehensive plan needs “close scrutiny,” the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wrote, adding: “Be concerned about possible violations of the commitments in the accord by other parties. ...

Prominent hard­liners, previously muzzled on the nuclear talks, took the
letter as a signal that they were free to criticize the deal. ...

In a hastily assembled news conference in Tehran on Thursday, hard­line
analysts triumphantly announced they would do the leader’s bidding by
examining the agreement for any devious legal tricks or loopholes the
“arrogant” nations might be trying to slip into the text.

“We are here to help the government,” said Foad Izadi, a professor of
public diplomacy at the University of Tehran. “But it is clear there are serious
problems with this agreement.”

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