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Note to the Media: Secretary Clinton and President G.W. Bush Agree to Go on a Worldwide Speaking Tour

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President George W. Bush have agreed to go on a worldwide speaking tour. Judging by their previous appearances, their main venues will be institutions of higher learning and U.S. veterans' groups.

image from, under the headline: Hillary Says George W. Bush Made Her 'Proud To Be American'

These two articulate, history-making individuals will discuss America's foreign policy and its immense successes during their tenure in government. They both courageously supported the invasion of Iraq, which solidified the prestige of the United States throughout the world and made our military the envy of all nations. Both are also widely admired for their tough refusal to negotiate with the ruthless enemies of the Free World, and to use relentless force to destroy bloodthirsty tyrants (Saddam, Gaddafi) instead of wasting time (at taxpayer's expense) on finding peacenik options to deal with non-American dictators. In 2008, in a memorable remark, Ms. Clinton stated with admirable audacity that the U.S. could "totally obliterate" Iran.

Clinton's and Bush's groundbreaking but non-exploitative use of the media to further their country's national interest is a lesson for all persons interested in how honest spin and crystal-clear public relations -- sometimes called public diplomacy -- can be used to avoid unproductive and wasteful efforts to formulate policy and to use elitist, striped-pants "negotiations" to pretend to implement so-called "solutions" that will no longer make the USA no. 1 on the planet. 

Ms. Clinton, known for her honesty, disclosed that, upon leaving her husband's White House, she and Bill were "dead broke." Mr. Bush, also venerated for his straight talk, noted, as he was leaving the White House, that he planned to “replenish the ol’ coffers” by hitting the lecture circuit.

By the standards of hard-working middle-class Americans -- Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, to cite a few -- the "peanuts" fees Clinton and Bush humbly request for sharing their precious time and extraordinary wisdom with ordinary folks are minimal. For example, last year down-to-earth Hillary received only $225,000 for speaking at the University of Las Vegas and catapult-the-propaganda-for-the-truth-to-sink-in George was paid a measly $100,000 to speak to veterans in Houston in 2012.

Hence, the Clinton-Bush speaking tour is marked by its participants' dedication to serve "We the People" everywhere on the globe at the lowest cost imaginable. Their agents, taking a risible percentage, will charge a miserly $1,000,000 for these two brave and dedicated public servants to speak for 30 minutes (no more than 15 minutes each). 

There of course will be no time to answer questions, especially from the press. Cost of travel by private jet, top-floor hotel suites, security (including ropes), etc. of course not included in the modest fee.


Special note to the press: Please ignore the following sarcastic facebook entry:

John Brown Ideal scenario for an agent and the two individuals involved: Hillarious and Dubya team up for a USA/world speaking tour. What a bundle to be made for these two great Americans! Fees would of course be highest for educational institutions (at least $1,000,000) per 30-minute gig by the dynamic, charismatic duo! (Cost of private jet transportation, of course not included in fee, to be provided by the institution/organization honored by the presence of these outstanding, history-making individuals).

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