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MH-17: Politics over The Truth

By Boris Djuric,, July 10, 2015

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The MH-17 case "slips into propaganda fog," according to investigative reporter Robert Parry who followed the tragedy from the beginning.


Ever since Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down, it has been unlike any other airline tragedy. Instead of a transparent investigation seeking justice, the case became a propaganda game of finger-pointing, with the CIA withholding key evidence to help better to blame Russia, journalist and author Robert Parry claims ...

According to Parry, the CIA and other western intelligence agencies knew exactly who was responsible, however, it is not in NATO's interests to disclose the information.
“Throughout the Ukraine crisis, propaganda and “information warfare” have overridden any honest   presentation of reality – and the mystery around the MH-17 disaster has now slipped into that haze of charge and counter-charge,” Parry stated in his article, published in the ‘consortium news’ webpage which supports independent investigative journalism.
Parry wondered why the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper would now decide to keep the US public in the dark, after releasing unverified information about the shoot-down only five days after the event? Furthermore, the story is that Kiev’s military jet shot down the civilian aircraft allegedly mistaking it for the Russian. Though Russia presented clear evidence Ukraine’s SU-27 military jet was active in the area, Kiev denies any air activities in the region.
Of course, “admitting to an erroneous rush to judgment would have embarrassed the administration and undermined the “public diplomacy” campaign around the MH-17 case,” Parry stated.  

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