Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm not bossy

Katrina Swarthout, The Crimson While (serving the University of Alabama since 1894)

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One of the things I have come to learn in my 21 years on this Earth is that less credit is given to what we, as women, accomplish. For women on this campus it is no different. Women have to work harder than men to get recognition, but what we do is just as valuable.
Just this year I have had friends tell me they were surprised to learn that I had a boyfriend, since I am so involved in leadership roles on campus. I was taken aback; what, my boyfriend can’t possibly handle that I am in a position of power? There have been times when people have told me that I come across as intimidating since I speak my mind and am assertive. What they were really trying to say is that it’s intimidating for men to have someone that’s a women challenge them. Every time we have a candlelight I have to repeatedly convince everyone it’s not me and every time they don’t understand that I am currently more invested in my career goals than getting a ring by spring. ... 
Katrina Swarthout is a senior majoring in communication studies and minoring in German and public relations. ... This fall she will be attending the University of Southern California to pursue a masters in strategic public relations and be a student fellow for the Center of Public Diplomacy as well as a project associate for the journalism program.

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