Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Reaching an independent media: an interview with Hussein Amin

Marwa Azab,

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The media and public perception: how those in the media frame important news

Hussein Amin, a professor of Journalism and Mass Communication and director of the Kamal Adham Centre for Television and Digital Journalism at the American University in Cairo, highlights the most pertinent issues regarding the media environment in Egypt and the current state of the Egyptian political arena. ...
[Q:] Is the State Information Service’s (SIS) programme to address foreign media coverage of Egypt effective?
[A:] Of course it is not effective enough. This agency has a relatively good reputation and history but their budget is not sufficient for their programme. I think Egypt’s soft powers, public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy need the SIS to act together with proper financing to be able to create events and line up media tools which will encourage Egyptians abroad to share positive things about Egypt with others. This can be achieved by activating the Cairo Press Club to communicate with foreign correspondents. ...

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