Monday, April 25, 2016

Korea through eyes of foreigners

Rachel Lee,

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People from around the world will gather in one place to present their experiences of Korea.

"Korea through eyes of foreigners," organized by the Korea Foundation (KF), will be held for eight weeks from April 27.

The KF, an institution founded in 1992 for international exchange and public diplomacy initiatives, organized the event to find out the pros and cons of Korean society so people can work together to improve what is lacking.

Invited lecturers include medical interpreter Ilya Belyakov, John Riley, deputy head of mission at the New Zealand Embassy, and Koean zither player Jocelyn Clark.

They will share their experiences of Korean food culture, traditional culture and prejudice within Korean society.

The organization also launched the "KF Together Program" to help foreign residents understand Korea better through field trips to the Demilitarized Zone and other historical locations, discussions about Korean culture and issues, and networking opportunities to interact with Koreans.

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