Saturday, April 16, 2016

International Affairs Association Holds Panel on Burma

Duane Paul Murphy,

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The Catholic University’s International Affairs Association hosted a panel regarding the contemporary political situation in the Asian country of Burma on Wednesday. The event, which was held in Caldwell Hall, was sponsored by the university’s politics department and the United States Department of State Public Diplomacy Office. ...
The event featured Jesse Finkel, a diplomatic officer within the State Department’s Bureau of East Asia and  Pacific Affairs. Andrew Yeo, a professor within the university’s politics department, was the moderator of the event. 
In his opening statement, Finkel briefly discussed his previous positions within the State Department. Finkel worked in central and southern sub-Saharan Africa to help local security forces and he worked in the Chinese consulate office in Shanghai. He also lived in Switzerland during the historical time of the Iran Deal talks. Finkel currently lives in Washington, D.C. and works for the Burma Desk Office within the department’s Office of Mainland Southeast Asia.
At the end of the event, students were pleased with the speaker and with the discussion of his personal experiences with foreign policy.
“The entire event was highly interesting and enjoyable,” said freshman politics major Katie Hodgdon. “Mr. Finkel provided a useful and interesting insight to foreign policy, especially from the perspective of the Department of State. As someone who plans on becoming a foreign service officer, it was interesting to hear what the process is like to becoming one.”

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