Monday, April 18, 2016

New VOA Director sworn in, promising 'to change in a big way'

Monday, April 18th 2016
Amanda Bennett was sworn in this morning as the new Director of the Voice of America, and she promised change:
"We do have to change. We must change. We need to change in a big way," she said, in large part to address the "vast shift in the way people around the world get their information."
Bennett said that he [sic - JB]] had heard VOA was "dysfunctional," "beyond repair," and "broken." "But then I had a chance to speak with many of you here."
And she rejected criticism that VOA has outlived its mission: "VOA is more vital than ever... needed now more than ever."
“Being the Voice of America is a very very powerful vision," said Bennett. "America’s story is a lot bigger than we acknowledge… This is a tremendous opportunity for us.”

Author: Adam Pow

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