Saturday, April 16, 2016

One minister, one job

Editorial, Jerusalem Post

image (not from article) from, with caption: Ipads apps for multiple intelligences

The High Court’s ruling last week in support of multiple ministerial appointments might be related to a decision last August.

The High Court of Justice last week endorsed the government’s policy of having a prime minister who holds his own position while theoretically managing several others. In an unfortunately unclear ruling, the justices supported Prime-Foreign-Economy-Communications- Regional Cooperation Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right to multitask, but suggested this would be proper for only eight more months.
Why the justices voted for eight more months of malfunctioning government must remain a mystery. But there is nothing mysterious about a country that lacks a full-time prime minister, just something absurd. ...
Maybe the key is good time management – and hard work. When Channel 2 asked Minister of Public Security, Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy Gilad Erdan why he needed three ministries, he answered that “my test will be with the public. I am known as a minister who works from dawn till dusk.” ...

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