Sunday, June 18, 2017

Israeli Soldiers Being Deployed on US Campuses to Attack Students – Where is ANTIFA?!
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Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2017
When a person supporting even milquetoast civic nationalism comes on campus, masked men loot, riot and attack everyone in sight. In California, they pretty much always succeed in shutting speakers down.
Except when the racists are militant Jewish supremacists from a foreign military.
Then, a tumbleweed rolls by!
A group of Israeli soldiers have more or less taken over the University of California, Irvine and plan to occupy other schools as well. They specialize in harassing and bullying pro-Palestinian students who choose to boycott Israel.
These IDF reservists even put out tables recruiting Jewish students for an army currently engaging in mass murder and ethnic cleansing.
Outside of the occasional Arab woman yelling at them, most SJWs are largely apathetic.
A group of IDF reservists is preparing for a fight on another front – countering the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement sweeping its way across US college campuses.
“We must create a shock wave [to fight BDS] because, otherwise, the efforts are just not working at the moment,” Amnon Goldstof, co-founder of Reservists on Duty, told The Jerusalem Post recently.
The organization was established in January to counter the Breaking the Silence group, an NGO that provides anonymous testimonies of alleged IDF transgressions.
Since its establishment, the group has expanded its activities to target the growing BDS movement, attracting the support of hundreds of IDF reservists, as well as military brass and MKs from across the political spectrum.
“Today, the main goal of our organization is to fight against the new anti-Semitism and the groups that lead it, primarily BDS,” Goldstof said.
According to Goldstof, the boycott movement is a manifestation of classic anti-Semitism “pure and simple” and he sees it as his civic duty to fight the phenomenon.
“Old anti-Semitism wanted to see a world without Jews, and the new anti-Semitism wants to see a world without a Jewish country,” he said.
There are many groups trying to counter the BDS movement, he added, though most are trying to use hasbara, public diplomacy, to depict a positive picture of Israel rather than to confront the phenomenon head-on.
The group is working on a campaign set to launch in the coming months that aims to provide a direct and “shocking” response to the boycott efforts.
“Everyone will know what BDS is, what new anti-Semitism is, and what the dangers are – we have been there in the past,” he said.
Goldstof, along with other members of the organization, is currently touring college campuses and meeting with Jewish students and parents in the United States to learn firsthand about BDS and form partnerships with organizations fighting it.
A foreign military dispatching its soldiers to send a “direct and shocking” message to students in America constitutes a threat. Yet campus administrators, Antifa groups nor any of the other establishment entities are doing anything to stop them.
The fact that they don’t even bother to hide this gross intrusion on American sovereignty makes you question what they might be doing behind closed doors. The Jews are brazen because nobody stands up to them!
The US State Department includes criticism of Israel under its definition of anti-Semitism. That means any public institution that vows to “stop anti-Semitism” will inevitably start cracking down on movements like BDS.

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