Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ukraine announces launch of Ukrainian Institute to promote country abroad

Image from article, with caption: Ukrainian flags on the square in front of the St.Sophia cathedral in Kyiv

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers approved a decision to create a Ukrainian Institute to present the country abroad and promote its image in the world. The institute, which is envisioned to be similar to Germany’s Goethe Institute, Polish Institute, British Council, Institut Français and others, has the goal to advance the understanding of modern Ukraine as a tourism- and investment-attractive country in the international cultural and intellectual environment.

This institution should facilitate the integration of the country not only in the context of art and culture, but also science, education, and other spheres.

The idea of such an institute was conjured by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In February 2017, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin first announced the intentions to create the Institute, after which the concept was put up to a broad discussion.

The Ukrainian Institute will be affiliated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but will be independent in its choice of activities. It will be managed by a Supervisory Council represented by art experts and cultural figures which are known abroad and have the relevant institutional experience and achievements, and also one representative from the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Finances will be allocated in part from the state budget and in part from grants or charitable donations. The areas of activity of the Institute will encompass cultural diplomacy, the so-called “creative economy,” education, science and public diplomacy. The headquarters of the Institute will be in Kyiv, and the first offices are planned to open in dozens of capitals around the world, first of all – in North America and Europe.

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