Monday, June 19, 2017

The expert explained why the American destroyer collided with a Japanese cargo ship

Near the Japanese port city of Yokosuka Japanese merchant ship ACX Crystal under the flag of Philippines rammed the us destroyer USS Fitzgerald. To be notified about the deaths of several crew members.

The expert of Fund «public diplomacy» Sergey Prostakov told, in what circumstances could happen is a collision.

«Incidents with collision of ships, including military, to happen often. This applies to the us Navy. For example, a month ago, the missile cruiser «Champlain» collided with the South Korean fishing schooner. Then she didn’t respond to audible warning signals of the US Navy ship, it lacked a radio and GPS equipment. The place of the incident — a district bustling traffic, which is due to the proximity of two major ports of Tokyo and Yokohama. We can assume that someone faced disregarded the international rules for system alerts, alarms and wires of the courts.»

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