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The house of Representatives | NBA star Kim Jeong-eun borrowed rapprochement with North Korea will bend the future? [JB note: see below reference to public diplomacy.]

Teng Jianqun:Rodman is also an alternative in NBA, and for him to get Kim Jeong-eun's call, he will feel like an angle.
Chen Xiaochuan:North Korea and the United States such a powerful opponent against, in the United States have decided to give you break things before you win win.
Mr. wang:People have to bow under the eaves, the roof of Korea is the United States and the United States soldiers.
Former NBA star Rodman and ran North Korea to double Yi Ruo
This is already him
The fifth time I went to Korea
Rodman had been photographed under the court
Sing a happy birthday song to Kim Jeong-eun
Rodman also called himself
This trip, Trump very happy
What's the situation?
Why is he so tired of going to Korea all the time?
Teng Jianqun:Kim Jeong-eun loves basketball very much, but it's more of a signal, and Kim Jeong-eun wants to get in touch with the United states. But the U.S. - North Korean relationship, I feel not so simple, because both sides do not have this demand, or at least the United States by North Korean heart broken.

Mr. wang:The initiative referred to dialogue with North Korea in the Yin, South Korea attitude transformation also have influence on North Korea, it did not want to have this string bengzhuo, it will go to the recovery point, how to do that? Let Rodman come. It's a public diplomacy, isn't it?.

Wen zaiyin what thad to end?
Since Sade entered the Korean Peninsula
The whole Northeast Asia has been messed up
New South Korean President Wen zaiyin now read "drag character"
And behind
The United States is tightly controlling everything in Korea
If you wash your face, you mustn't wash your hands
Let you brush your teeth. You mustn't rinse your mouth
Wen zaiyin in the inclusion of internal and external factors under the condition of
How do you end up with Sade?
Ai Chuyi: now Wen zaiyin of Sade is dragged in Tai chi. What was the result of the delay?
Chen Xiaochuan:He has only three possibilities, one to listen to the United States, one to listen to China, and the other is to drag. When South Korea's new president came to power, his best bet was to find a step for Sade, which was impossible, of course, to find steps and to find steps acceptable to all.

Mr. wang:No other tricks.
The first is the United States. President Trump is so strong that he can not afford to offend.
Second, he is the elite of the government, he can not afford to offend, most of the Korean elite is to stay in the United States back, pro american pie.
Third is the South Korean people's accumulated grievances against Sade, that is, even if some people think that the deployment of Sade is not necessary, the Korean patriotic enthusiasm is still very high, said, "what China let me withdraw, I will withdraw.". If the China listen to the words of Sade from zaiyin, then he will drop the prestige among the people.

Ai Chuyi: but trump will agree to this dragged down?
Teng Jianqun:Wen zaiyin is going to visit the United States took a lot of spree, Trump saw the gift, that is happy enough, after thad said: do not see what benefit, but before it can be used with all parties.

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Editor: Su Zhenni, Meng Xiaodu

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