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Ethiopia's Diplomatic Success Outcome of Effective Appointment of Ambassadors - Scholar, Official

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The successful achievements of Ethiopia's diplomatic mission indicate the effectiveness of the country's appointment of Ambassadors, Scholars and relevant government official said.

The assignment of veteran and well-experienced politicians with the rank of ambassadors or head of mission is an indication of the government's commitment to beef up the countries strong and ages old ties with various countries in the world, they reiterated.

For years the government has been assigning senior officials like those who have served on ministerial levels as ambassadors or head of missions in various countries. When some argue that such assignment intends to alienate the politicians from local politics because of political differences, others contend that the assignment is strategic as they are well experienced, know deeply every policy, strategy and national interest of the country.

According to Scholars and relevant government officials who stated their idea to The Ethiopian Herald, Ethiopian diplomatic missions can be said successful in fulfilling their responsibility as they have succeeded in securing the overall national interest of the country.

While briefing journalists last week Meles Alem, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson said that Ambassadors are summoned to protect the country's national interest in the international relations, not to depart from political power at home. He said that the assignment of Ambassadors has its own criteria mainly to protect the national interest and to achieve the country's international relations based on its set foreign policy.

Endale Nigusse, Diplomacy and International Relations Instructor at Civil Service University on his part told The Ethiopian Herald that "when we see the nation's international relations activities, Ethiopian ambassadors and diplomats are scoring good results".

Endale stated that the main goal of an Ambassador is protecting the national interest of the sending state and Ethiopian Ambassadors and Diplomats are scoring good results, although it needs research.

As the country indicated poverty as its national enemy, its foreign policy mainly focuses on economic diplomacy and Ethiopia is registering successful results in its foreign relations in attracting foreign direct investment, trade, tourism, building peaceful relations with the rest of the world and in people to people relations although still it remains a lot in widening the sectors, Endale sated. He added that all this are registered by the efforts of diplomats and Ambassadors of the nation.

Meles also said that as the main goal of assigning an Ambassador is to keep the national interest, the country is assigning officials with deeper knowledge on policies and strategies of the country. The country assigned experienced politicians and government officials whom they now well the national interest of the country and they are fruitful in protecting the nation's interest in its external relations, he said.

Meles said that recalling and summoning of Ambassadors is a day-to-day activity of the Ministry and is based on criteria of the country to achieve its foreign policy.

Endale indicated that quality of Ambassadors and diplomats is measured mainly by their loyalty to the state and commitment to serve the national interest.

Endale further stated that if an Ambassador is loyal and well experienced in policies and strategies of his country, other skills can fulfill based on training and exercising. He added that diplomacy is both skill and an art; diplomats are skillful, naturally gifted, well-educated and easily communicable to fulfill their responsibilities.

According to Endale appointing senior government officials, politicians with long time experience at ministerial levels and higher government offices helps the Ambassadors to know the national interest well. Both Meles and Endale stated the claim "the appointment of government officials as Ambassadors is to deter from local politics" is only an opinion without any research.

Generally, the nation's diplomatic success is in a good truck and is outcome of the hard work of every Ambassador and diplomat, so the ambassadors are protecting well the national interest of the country and the appointment is strategic, both Endale and Meles stated.

Endale suggested that Ethiopia should widen its diplomacy by focusing on public diplomacy. [JB emphasis] He said that in modern diplomacy every citizen is an ambassador for his/her country and in addition to its formal diplomacy, Ethiopia should give attention to public diplomacy by sensitizing the foreign policy and strategy of the country for better success.

Endale indicated that widening the good diplomatic gains, increasing public participation in diplomatic activities and promoting all potentials of the country can register best results for the future and the country should invest more on public diplomacy.

Meles on his part stated that the current reforms at home and Prime Minister Dr. Abiy's visits to and discussion with the Diaspora have a role in strengthening national consensus with all compatriots there. He added that this can help the nation to widen its diplomacy by making every Diaspora an Ambassador for his/her country.

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