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PLO’s Department of Culture renamed Department of Public Diplomacy; see also

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RAMALLAH, August 20, 2018 (WAFA) –The Department of Culture and Information of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which has been headed by Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi, has changed its name to Department of Public Diplomacy [JB emphasis] and Policy.

Ashrawi announced the change in a press statement on Sunday and said that the change was part of a process to restructure the PLO and its institutions.

"In partial implementation of the national decision to activate, restructure and empower the PLO and its institutions, in particular the departments of the Executive Committee, and following a series of consultations and discussions, we are pleased to announce the transformation of the PLO Department of Culture and Information into the Department of Public Diplomacy and Policy (PLO-DPDP),” she said.

Outlining the mission of the new department, Ashrawi said, “We are adopting a dual approach. Our main objective is to increase knowledge of the Palestinian issue with our counterparts and likeminded people all over the world, including governments and officials, relevant stakeholders and regional and international bodies, as well as civil society organizations and minority and solidarity groups. We are striving to create a comprehensive and inclusive global conversation, as well as to conduct specific dialogues based on a shared vision and joint principle. We also seek to place the Palestinian human narrative and identity within a global context in all its aspects.”

She added: “The opportunities for such interaction have become more varied and effective through the information and communication revolution and the prevalence of social and digital media to achieve greater understanding of the Palestinian cause. We will also continue to utilize conventional media outlets to debunk common misconceptions and biases, false stereotypes and offensive labeling.

“In the realm of public policy, we strive to inform decision-making through full participation by different sectors of society. All stakeholders in Palestine must have the opportunity to participate in the formulation of policy in all spheres, including the political, economic, governance, and social justice areas, in order to ensure ownership by the people and to guarantee greater credibility and effectiveness.”

The PLO official revealed that a proposal is being considered for the establishment of the Higher Council for Media and Information and the Higher Council for Culture and Arts to pursue these two fields.

“The traditional approach of communications, media and culture is also being revitalized in an inclusive manner through the proposed establishment of the Higher Council for Media and Information and the Council for Culture and the Arts, whereby all practitioners and experts, as well as institutions, will work collaboratively to improve and support the output and to create a national reference for all activities in these two interrelated fields. The Department will maintain a key role in ensuring the smooth functioning and success of these proposed bodies.”

The new links to the English and Arabic official websites and social media pages of the DPDP will be announced in the coming weeks.


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