Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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  1. South Korea's fresh approaches with middle-power diplomacy and deserve more attention, write and HwaJung Kim. More about their diplomatic experimentation at the CPD Blog:
  2. Learn about CPD's new Student Fellows in 's ! The feature article highlights beyond-the-classroom learning and more for graduate students. Read:
  3. New in PD Hub: Why should the reinvest in the "last three feet" for military operations? Gregory M. Tomlin's new article in highlights the value of face-to-face engagement with local residents in host nations. More:
  4. It's high time that 's assets are better incorporated into its foreign policy says 's Geoff Wiseman in the CPD Blog. Hop to it!
  5. A very warm welcome to Mary Elizabeth McKay, ’s new in Residence! McKay joins us from for the 2018-2020 term. Learn more about McKay's expertise:
  6. CPD Blog: What can we learn from South Korea's new ideas for public diplomacy? and HwaJung Kim highlight the country's unique diplomatic experimentation through and , and why other nations should pay attention. Read:
  7. Introducing CPD Student Fellow Austin Maddox! The double Trojan joins us and the renowned journalism program to produce cross-platform multimedia on global affairs topics. More:
  8. " is no longer the prerogative of affluent countries," writes . "Thus, there is a need to substantially and geographically diversify the actors that are investigated by public diplomacy scholars." More at the CPD Blog:
  9. Australia's frequent leadership changes pose challenges to its global standing. All the more reason to make a central element in its foreign policy, says Geoffrey Wiseman in a new CPD Blog:
  10. Last week, the Edinburgh International provided a platform for artists and thinkers from around the world. Learn more about the summit, its participants and vision:
  11. Yesterday, 's opened a restaurant, a library and a salon at the . Can’t make it this weekend? Click for a walk-through of the shop and gallery:
  12. CPD Blog: "The Hungarian government’s direct, deliberate involvement in stoking xenophobia on a national scale is not only unprecedented among European and NATO member states in the 21st century but also showcases the fragility of democratic institutions."
  13. China-India relations, Japan's and South Korea's in Mexico City. These are just some features from a new special volume on soft power & public diplomacy in East Asia. More:
  14. "Why would so many newspapers, from every part of the United States, coordinate their editorials on press freedom?" Read this recent CPD Blog post about the American media corp's unified response to disinformation from their own government:
  15. As 2018 comes to a close, make sure to check out CPD's exclusive Q&A interview with Summit Director Jonathan Mills, who dives deep into the history of cultural diplomacy through festivals, a composer's perspective, and more. Read:
  16. Introducing CPD Student Fellow Katherine Butler! The alumna will use her PR skills to promote our activities this year. More at:
  17. Breaking! is now . "The new name reflects our modernization and forward momentum while honoring our enduring mission to inform, engage and connect people around the world in support of freedom and democracy." Read about the rebranding:
  18. If countering disinformation is the problem of our time, what's a diplomat to do? CPD Blog contributor has been hard at work on two guides to counter-influence, available now. Read more:
  19. As we say goodbye to summer, be sure to catch up on CPD Blog posts that are always analyzing, breaking down and diving deep into the study and practice of around the world. Find them here:
  20. CPD Blog: Read the final installation of "Intolerance in Hungary" (Part 3 of 3), analyzing the "migrant spotting" phenomenon in , where a moral panic about immigration is growing. More:
  21. New multimedia in PD Hub: Starting today, the Edinburgh International draws delegations from 40+ countries to focus on how culture connects people and places. Watch this video preview:
  22. CPD Blog: What does it mean when 350 American news outlets join forces in the name of a free press? Seasoned media advisor compares it to the recent unified protest of nearly 200 former U.S. foreign affairs officials. More:
  23. Introducing CPD Student Fellow Nicole Burnett! Midwesterner joins us from . She'll be helping produce CPD's publications and PD Hub content. More at:

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