Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Look at Diplocamp 2019

 Digital Diplomacy Conference #diplocamp

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs πŸ‡³πŸ‡±  @DutchMFA
On 7 February 2019, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs brought together 150 experts on tech, digital and international relations @NLatEU in Brussels. To discuss the challenges, share practical tools and design solutions around digital diplomacy.
  1. takes off! Which topic piques your interest? From to to and much, much more, the future of is here and we want to explore it all. @DutchMFA @USC @USCAnnenberg

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  2. This was so much fun! Thanks to everyone at who attended @NLinBE
  3. What a great day at the Digital Diplomacy Camp. Thank you to everyone at @PublicDiplomacy and all the participants.
  4. Very interesting day at , thank you @NLatEU! Loved the session on AI as a diplomacy disruptor/opportunity (and @AnyaMBaum’s top reading list - see collage), as well as of course @Twiplomacy’s one&only @luefkens on tools and hacks for digital diplomacy.

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  5. My first and I loved every second of it!

    Thank you for organising this , @DutchMFA, @NLatEU and @NLinBE! It is so enriching to meet in person the people you only know from behind their screens. πŸ™πŸΌ

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  6. Congrats to @DutchMFA for a successful Digital Diplomacy Camp! Engaging and good discussions on disinformation, AI, tech, diplomacy, democracy and many other buzzwords. PS: that shiny backpack? That's mine. But not sure whether standing out this way is a good thing...
  7. Great session on digital here at with @PublicDiplomacy and @VgonzalesUSC: Learning all the tricks & hacks

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  8. Wireless mics for iPhone, small flexible tripods, a suite of mobile apps—today’s public diplomats carry a mobile production studio in their pockets. -@USCAnnenberg Prof. @VgonzalesUSC sharing his social storytelling toolkit at . @USC @NLinBE

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  9. Top tip: online and offline preparation is key. We use @Trello boards to keep track of content & plans & then communicate with @Slack so people can work anywhere & anytime.
  10. Getting ready for Facebook to present on the actions they’re taking to protect at !

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  11. Critical questions for the representatives of Facebook lead to a good conversation on political ads

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  12. Learning about Facebook’s efforts to protect election integrity

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  13. Share your tricks, tips & best practices for

    We will be holding a session about diplo hacks at the unconference organized by the @DutchMFA in Brussels and would value your input πŸ™

    Session summaries are available here: 

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  14. Why oh why should we do a ? Turns out it’s a great way to hack creativity and vulnerability!

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  15. Well that was fun! I joined the at , where our group tried to hack human rights using wine!

    Grateful for my recent training which re-ignited my love for visual note taking. Works like a charm!

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  16. Fascinating insights from @Avaaz campaign director @LuisMorago about : the oft-quoted study was never replicated and fact checking can work, when done well. Something to look into- if people have more info/resources: welcome!

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  17. Europe is using water pistols to fight a giant fire where forces of division already say elections are rigged, warns Luis Morago of @Avaaz.

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