Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The First exhibition! Latvian architecture unveiled in Seoul

Jae-Yong Ryu,

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On 18 February, the Soorim Arts Center in Seoul hosted a festive opening ceremony for an exhibition devoted to Latvian architecture, Latvia. Architecture at Convergence.

This is the first exhibition on Latvian architecture in the Republic of Korea; it has been organised to mark Latvia’s Centenary and introduce viewers to outstanding achievements of the country in architecture, thereby raising the profile of Latvia in the respective sector in Korea. The exhibition will be on display until 24 March.

Ten modules of the exhibition with 40 large scale photographs and annotations reflect the diversity of Latvia’s architecture rich in wooden built heritage, mediaeval buildings included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, Art Nouveau masterpieces – all of which have left their permanent imprint on the development of European culture.

The photographs have been complemented with panels featuring a graphic presentation of all those historical, political and economic influences that have shaped the architecture and cultural environment in Latvia.

In addition, the exhibition offers three short films about Latvian architecture, and books about Latvia have also been put on view.

Alongside information materials on Latvia’s Centenary, the audience can also explore “The Time Line” – a parallel graphical presentation of milestone events in the history of Latvia and Korea – to gain a better insight into Latvia’s past.

The exhibition titled Latvia. Architecture at Convergence is part of the public diplomacy [JB emphasis] programme to mark Latvia’s Centenary, coordinated by the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The unveiling of the exhibition brought together reporters from the leading Korean media, architecture experts, students and others interested.

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