Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Decisions by Ireland and Chile to Ban Products from the Settlements

INSS, Canada Free Press, February 19, 2019

The Decisions by Ireland and Chile to Ban Products from the Settlements
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In recent months, the parliaments in Ireland and in Chile took unprecedented measures that place severe limitations on economic trade with the settlements in the West Bank. Although at this stage these decisions are not binding and their direct impact is limited, their acceptance reflects the illegitimacy many international actors attribute to the settlements and their willingness to take concrete action against them. These decisions, alongside the possibility that the UN Human Rights Council will soon publish a blacklist of Israeli and international companies active in the settlements, may lead to additional steps that could impact negatively on Israel’s global public and political standing, its political freedom of action, and even its economy. Accordingly, proactive steps should be taken to lessen the impact of decisions already taken and to prevent the adoption of additional such measure. ...

Whether as part of a broad political process or independent of it, promoting joint economic activities for Israelis and Palestinians could enable various global actors additional avenues for participation, influence, and collaboration. These can serve as an attractive alternative to boycotts and a way to offset the impact of boycotts, as part of a public diplomacy [JB emphasis] effort to prevent them altogether. ...

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