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ADA University Offers International Scholarships for Students around the Globe

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ADA University [JB - see] Offers International Scholarships for Students around the Globe.

ADA University, located in Baku, Azerbaijan, is currently offering International Scholarships named after Alimardan Topchubashov, to bring first-class international education and leadership training to students around the globe. With the application deadline being April 5, 2018, the Topchubashov Scholarship is looking for candidates who have a strong commitment to public causes. The Scholarship is open to all international undergraduate and graduate applicants who have been admitted to one of the ADA University’s degree-granting schools.

ADA University positions itself as a “world-class institution dedicated to preparing innovative global leaders.” Its offers executive education, undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various fields, a School of Public and International Affairs, School of Business, School of Information Technologies and Engineering and School of Education, where you can earn Bachelor and Master degrees in International Studies, Public Affairs, Business and Economics, Education or Information Technologies and Engineering.

The ADA University vision and strategy is built on four pillars of global leadership, innovate learning, social responsibility and a “thriving location.”

Based on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, ADA University was established in 2006 under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. Initially founded as the Diplomatic Academy, it was launched as a pilot project with a mission to prepare highly qualified diplomats around the world; and as its graduates quickly gained success, the educational institution started to grow too, steadily becoming one of the top universities in Azerbaijan.

“Initially, it started out by offering short-term training for diplomats, and as the program gained became more successful, ADA started receiving requests from other governmental institutions in Azerbaijan, who wanted training for their staff, and that’s how, in 2009, it was decided to offer long-term Master’s Degree programs. The first to launch was called MADIA (Masters of Arts in Diplomacy and International Affairs). In 2009, we admitted about 20 young, talented students to our very first Master’s Degree program at ADA,” Samira Aghayeva, now the Third Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Georgia, who was involved with ADA from the beginning, told GEORGIA TODAY.

We added degree programs in Public Diplomacy, Business and Economy, and ADA also has dual-degree programs, together with the Maastricht University in The Netherlands, which offers one of the top business management programs, so the program graduates receive both ADA and Maastricht University diplomas. ADA has numerous international exchange programs, and is partner to over 50 universities globally,” she told us.

To date, ADA University has faculty alumni covering 46 nations. All university programs are taught in the English language, and the university also offers the preparatory year in English.

“ADA is different from other universities, as it has the first, eco-smart green campus in Azerbaijan, and I would say in the Caucasus as a whole,” Aghayeva said.

The university admission system is based on the Amercian [sic] model, with prospective students having to submit their applications as a part of the admission process, and have interviews followed by a final evaluation process,” she said. “Due to the increasing demand in the country, apart from programs and degrees offered in the international diplomacy and public policy fields, ADA has been constantly adding new ones to its curricula; for example, an IT program was launched in partnership with the Korean University, and, although it may take several years to add a new program of study, nevertheless, answering the ever-growing demand, the university has an impressive portfolio. ADA is always looking for new talent,” she said, adding; however, that the study process is quite demanding and student counseling is available.

Our discussion then moves to the subject of the Alimardan Topchubashov International Scholarship offered by ADA University, one of its objectives being the preparation of innovative leaders in both vision and global perspective, encouraging commitment to public service and contributing to its development. The Fellowship covers tuition fees and rent during the period of study. The Scholarship does not cover expenses related to student fees, books and utilities. It is open to all undegraduate or graduate students who are accepted to one of the degree programs at ADA schools.

“ADA always attempts to promote an international environment; living and studying in an international setting opens doors to lots of new experiences. They’re coming to a different country, and will experience a mixture of cultures and learn a lot,” Aghayeva told us, sharing why she thinks the Scholarship is worth applying for. “Our students do many international projects while studying at the university and they travel a lot. Within one of our programs, the requirements are that they visit the NATO Head Office in Brussels, Belgium; so there are countless opportunities provided by ADA University, and as the competitivness is growing, it makes other universities in the country shake up a little. ADA has a different approach towards learning, towards experience and practice,” she points out.

Among the requirements, in order to be eligible to receive the Scholarship, applicants will preferably have previous work experience in the public sphere, and their language proficiency should be in accordance with the international language scores required for university education.

“By applying for the Alimardan Topchubashov International Scholarship program, students get the chance to receive an education corresponding to the highest international standards. Secondly, they will be meeting fellow students from all over the world, and they will be exposed to a new, different environment and experiences”, Aghayeva told us.

“Education at ADA is not just theory-based: it also has a strong emphasis on practice, and it ensures that ADA graduates are totally career ready when they finish their studies. Within the University, there is a Career Management Center, and throughout the year, they advise and help students. ADA regularly organizes career weeks and career fairs, where students meet their potential future employers,” she said, going on to stress that apart from high level education, ADA provides a vibrant and intersting [sic]student life filled with extra-curricular activities.

“It’s all very dynamic, something’s always happening. There are cultural festivals, food festivals, chess clubs, language clubs, singing classes, literature nights, and many, many more. There also are ADA talks, and Global Perspective Series, when high profile guests visit the university and give lectures. Whatever’s happening in the world around us is there at ADA,” Samira Aghayeva concluded.

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