Sunday, February 4, 2018

Africa & China, To Strengthen Relationship, Boast Common Agenda of development and prosperity.

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The China Public Diplomacy Association, the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia and China’s mission to the African Union (AU) on Friday jointly organized a seminar under the theme, “China-Africa: People-to-people Exchange for Mutual Learning,” in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

In his introductory statements, Tan Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, communicated China’s unmistakable fascination to additionally fortify the connection and participation amongst China and Africa inside the fundamental mainstays of the Belt and Road activity.

The envoy noticed that China has been currently propelling the Belt and Road activity with the firm help from Ethiopia and other African nations.

With respect to Ethio-China relations, the two nations have delighted in complete and quick improvement as of late, he stated, including that the relationship has been hoisted to far reaching vital helpful association as mutually expressed by top pioneers of the two nations a year ago.

He expressed that there are five columns inside the Belt and Road activity, including, arrangement association; office association; exchange association; monetary association; and furthermore individuals to-individuals association.

“To date, the Belt and Road initiative has achieved several landmark harvests in Ethiopia, thanks to the joint efforts by our two sides, like the Chinese-built Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway and Chinese investment in many local industrial parks,” he said.

While Speaking at the occasion, Chairperson of the Ethiopia-China People’s Friendship Association (ECPFA) Steering Committee, Hailekiros Gessesse, praised the contribution from China to the overall economic growth in Africa through investment in different sectors. Stating that the Chinese have invested in important areas such as infrastructure and social sectors, Hailekiros, who is also former ambassador of Ethiopia to China, said Africa and China have been cooperating on the basis of mutual understanding since several hundred years ago, as the first Chinese arrived in Africa more than 600 years ago.

“Ever since, what we have experienced with the Chinese was mutual understanding, mutual working together for the wellbeing of our people,” he said.

The Deputy Head of China’s Mission to AU, Chen Xufeng, reiterated on the occasion that the China-Africa relations have consolidated and flourished over the past six decades.

“It is a relationship characterized as sharing weal and woe, equality and mutual benefits, sincerity and all-round cooperation,” he said, emphasizing that the relationship must extend beyond “the halls of governments to our communities, businesses and schools.”

Hailing the solidarity of China with Africa, Deputy Chairperson of the AU Commission Kwesi Quartey noted that the pan-African bloc has been endeavoring to address poverty in Africa and integrate the continent with initiatives such as the African continental free trade area, on which AU works with China.

“I am saying this to contrast the attitude of the Chinese comrades and the attitude of the western forces. This attitude is exemplified today by the gift from the Chinese government of the whole conference center and the headquarters of the African Union,” he said.

“Because basically, Chinese ideas about peoples’ development, about all inclusive development coincides with the communalism of the African people,” he added.

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