Monday, February 5, 2018

Celebrity diplomats - strategic communication resources and mediators between the power, victims and the global public.

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Mårtensson Govori, Arbenita LU

(2018SKOM12 20171 
Department of Strategic Communication
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Public diplomacy activities and initiatives are adapting to new ways of strategic communication as the society and technology continues to evolve, the need of the organizations to spread information globally has made the public activities adapt to the new ways of communicating. The thesis is a critical discourse analysis of celebrity diplomats and how they are used to spread awareness about issues on global scale. Three case studies are analysed in depth. These are as follows; Angelina Jolie –I belong campaign, David Beckham – End violence against children campaign, and the Wonder Woman campaign. Transmedia engagement and mediatization helps to understand how the celebrities are used in different platforms sharing the same messages, and... (More)
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The globalization and digital technique development offers strategic communication and management of communication opportunities and challenges. The landscape of communication has changed with new technologies and new actors coming into the political arena. These factors generate in the public sphere to have bigger influence on politics than before through social media channels - such as Instagram, Facebook, blogs, youtube etc. The challenges for organizations is to reach out to the global public in a coherent way, to reach the organizational goals and purpose. Celebrity diplomats are a way to reach to the global public, and are increasingly more involved in international affairs. Public diplomacy activities and initiatives are adapting to... (More)


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