Friday, February 2, 2018

China at the Gates: A New Power Audit of EU-China Relations


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China has become more influential within the European Union since the first 2009 Power Audit of the European Council on Foreign Relations. China’s position of power is, however, no longer just a matter of trade surplus. It is much broader than that – it is a factor of investment, lending, and financial power which all help Beijing to pursue its public diplomacy. Still, what has not changed in nine years is China’s insistence that it is a developing country, even though it has reached the highest ranks in the global economy. ...

China is already in Europe. Chinese soft power diplomacy relies on repetitive and positive communication and many European entities, including many companies, media groups, and educational institutions, seek to protect their access to the Chinese market. The EU’s learning process of this experience has been difficult. ...
‘China at the Gates: A New Power Audit of EU-China Relations’ – Study by François Godement & Abigaël Vasselier – European Council on Foreign Relations / ECFR)
(The Study can be downloaded here)

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