Friday, February 9, 2018

Trump can end the ISIS cybersecurity threat once and for all

Steven Stalinsky, The Hill

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In December 2017, the Trump administration released its first National Security Strategy; it laid out the strategic vision for protecting the American people and advancing American influence in the world. The document referred to cyber issues in several areas, including terrorist use of encryption and the need for assistance from the tech community. It noted: "Time and territory allow jihadist terrorists to plot, so we will act against sanctuaries and prevent their reemergence before they can threaten the U.S. homeland. We will go after their digital networks and work with private industry to confront the challenge of terrorists … 'going dark' and using secure platforms to evade detection."

Since taking office, President Trump has not said much except through a few tweets and small references in speeches about cyber jihad — that is, terrorist activity online. ...

Dr. Haroon Ullah, chief strategy officer at the Broadcasting Board of Governors and former senior advisor for countering violent extremism and public diplomacy at the State Department, wrote in his recently published book Digital World War that Western governments need a new Manhattan Project to fight ISIS online. ...

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