Monday, February 12, 2018

USG president among campus leaders nationwide linked to conservative group accused of influencing elections

Emma Pleplow, Daily Trojan

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On a Wednesday evening at the end of January, as he is on most Wednesday evenings, Undergraduate Student Government President Austin Dunn was hunched over a laptop in TCC 241 — the epicenter of USC student governance. That night, Dunn finds himself nearly alone there, a campus leader toiling away beneath a cloud of unease. ...

[I]n recent months, starting with the publication of a New Yorker piece in late December, Dunn has been at the focus of swirling allegations about possible ties to a conservative nonprofit called Turning Point USA. ...

Dunn said he’s ready to move on — from politics and from the Turning Point controversy. He said he doesn’t care for politics and studying political science and public diplomacy has only fortified in him how much he wants to leave politics behind.

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