Sunday, November 29, 2015

Diplomat: Catalonia will be independent in the next two years

Greg Russell,

Royo-Marine image from article
CATALONIA is on course to be independent from Spain within two years, says a senior diplomat.
In an interview with The National, Albert Royo-Marine said he expected developments in the coming days to resolve the stalemate between the regional government and the central government in Madrid.
The two governments have been at loggerheads since pro- independence parties in the north-eastern region achieved a clear majority for independence in September.
Royo-Marine, secretary general of the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia, told The National: “There are ongoing discussions to form a government in Catalonia. There is the majority group with 62 seats and they need at least two positive votes from the other pro-independence [Alternative Left] party.
“They have 10 and at least two of them have to support [Catalonia president Artur] Mas so he can be elected president of Catalonia and be able to form a government. I’m quite optimistic that there could be an agreement in the comings days.” ...

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