Saturday, November 21, 2015

Quotable: Gilad Sliloach reviews an ISIS propaganda manual

Friday, November 20th 2015
“ISIS supporters are urging their fellow extremists to “follow trending hashtags” and “monitor the media for lies” in an extensive, new propaganda manual that provides a rare inside look into the terrorist organization’s social media strategy,” reported Gilad Shiloach in an article, “Inside ISIS’ Social Media Strategy: ‘Monitor the Media for Lies’,” on the website on October 27, 2015.  The document “shows how the extremists leverage their vast network of supporters to spread their message.”  Here are a few quotes:

  • The how-to document, titled “Oh Media Correspondent, You Are The Mujahid,” has been published in English and Arabic and also is available in a 16-minute video form on the cloud service ISIS uses. 

  • The manual delivers a glimpse into the strategy of ISIS supporters, who are the ones who now disseminate the extremist propaganda materials since Twitter shut down the terrorist group’s official social media.

  • “Oh our brother, the correspondent supporter of the Islamic State. Your tweets are your weapon…thousands of Muslims on Twitter are waiting for you”, the guide reads.

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