Friday, November 20, 2015

Is there a plan for Syria?

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If success was a requirement for political promotion, other people would be occupying some top positions of Turkey’s administration. More than four years ago, when suddenly Turkish rulers’ public diplomacy gimmick replaced the “brother Bashar al-Assad” reference to the president of Syria with a “dictator Esed,” the talk of the capital’s top echelons was “Esed will go within a week or two…” ...
With neighboring Iran aligning with the Syrian regime and Russia, not just for the sake of its naval base, as many people assume, but rather because of global strategic interests, in firm support of Damascus, it was obvious that the war would last far longer than anyone might have anticipated. After so many years of escalating religious fanaticism, increased Kurdish statehood aspirations, a very heavy human toll, devastation of Syrian cities and millions of refugees flooding Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan (who are now impacting the European streets as well), the Syrian civil war has turned into a quagmire.  ...
Turkey must consider the consequences of an Iraq and/or Syria disintegrating. We must remember that some sections of this country have become ungovernable.

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