Wednesday, November 25, 2015

High Court Seems to Think That Only Arabs Need Deterrence

Amir Fuchs

The Israeli High Court's claim that home demolitions need not be applied to Jews because they support terror less than Palestinians must be rejected.

Image from article, with caption: Palestinians look at a house that was demolished by the Israeli army, in the Qalandia refugee camp on the outskirts of Ramallah last week.

IDF demolishes homes of four Palestinians who killed three Israelis
High Court approves demolition of five terrorists' houses
Israel is in national denial regarding its oppression of Palestinians

House demolitions are not the only judicial practice with the goal of deterrence; it also exists in criminal law. But is it conceivable to decide that groups that are statistically more involved in crime, or have less respect for the rule of law, should be subject to more deterrence?
In terms of public diplomacy, Sohlberg’s ruling might, and rightly so, raise tough questions internationally about Israel’s enforcement policies – whether the measures it takes against terror and crime contain considerations of group affiliation. ...

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