Thursday, May 19, 2016

Forum in Japan on Multilateral PD

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Co-Sponsored by Keio University and the Japan Foundation
CPD [USC Center on Public Diplomacy], in conjunction with Keio University, will be hosting a forum in Tokyo, Japan to explore a multilateral framework on public diplomacy. The relationships between the United States, Japan and China will be assessed as a key case in point to show the expanding practical application of public diplomacy in global affairs.
The forum will convene scholars and practitioners with expertise on public diplomacy practices of these three countries to examine the opportunities for multilateral public diplomacy actions with the goal of facilitating and enabling the public opinion environment for the effective pursuit of regional security policy. A portion of the forum will be live streamed. The event is designed to leverage the occasion of the International Communication Association’s annual conference to be held in Fukuoka in June 2016.
This forum is co-sponsored by the Japan Foundation and Keio University.

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