Monday, May 30, 2016

On Ramadan alert

Nadav Shragai,

Temple Mount image from
The agreement between Jordan and Israel to set up a network of 55 security cameras on the [Temple] Mount was never implemented due to strong objection from the Palestinians. Hamas and the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement led the opposition to the compromise, out of fear that the cameras would record riots and other violent incidents they instigate there, and the PA followed suit. ...
Jordan reneged on its demand to outfit the [Temple] Mount with security cameras. The Jordanian team of experts, which was already in Jerusalem to install the cameras, returned to Amman. The Jordanians announced officially that Palestinian opposition torpedoed the plan. It was a disappointment for Israel; the lack of cameras will make it difficult for Israeli public diplomacy to consistently document the inciting and often violent activity of the Morabiton and Morabitat ["religious study"] groups on the Temple Mount, or the stockpiles of rocks, bottles and fireworks used to complicate and disrupt Jewish visits to the Mount. ...

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