Friday, April 28, 2017

April Blog Roundup: The Top Five

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Check out CPD's [USC Center on Public Diplomacy] top blog posts for the month of April:
5) Ukrainian Civil Society & Media in the Euro Maidan - Barbora Maronkova on how civil society rose to the occasion in the fight against disinformation in Ukraine.
4) Citizen Diplomacy and Soft Power - "Individuals are increasingly important to solving some of the world’s most intractable challenges," says Timothy Jenkins.
3) Military Power and Soft Power - Could the missile strikes on Syria enhance U.S. soft power? Philip Seib considers the possibility at the CPD Blog.
2) Rebirth of the Municipal Foreign Policy Movement - "The largely untold story of Southern California’s unique place in American diplomatic history is now being told," says Ben Leffel.

1) Sweden's Public Diplomacy Must Adapt to Its New Global Role - James Pamment on why Sweden needs to show "its human side, warts and all."

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