Friday, April 28, 2017

Charity luncheon for Peru flood victims in China

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 Beijing (China), Apr. 28. A fundraising charity luncheon was successfully held in Beijing with the purpose of helping Peru's natural disaster victims.

As is known, the Andean country was recently at the mercy of "Coastal El Niño" phenomenon characterized by heavy rains, landslides and floods. They destroyed infrastructure and crops, as well as left many citizens homeless.

"Charity Lunch for Peru" was organized by the Peruvian community in Beijing, together with China's Public Diplomacy & Cultural Exchange Center (PDCEC). The event was held on April 22.

Peru's traditional dishes and alcoholic beverages, such as Pisco Sour, were provided by Pachakutiq, a Peruvian restaurant based in the Chinese capital.

The varied program included music and dances from Peru and other Latin American nations. Artistic shows were performed by Peruvians and fellow Latinos living in the Asian country.

During the opening, Peruvian Ambassador Juan Carlos Capuñay thanked Public Diplomacy & Cultural Exchange Center for its support in organizing the event. Likewise, he underscored the Chinese government's cooperation following disaster-related news.

On the other hand, PDCEC officials highlighted the political, economic and historical ties between both nations. They also announced a donation of approximately US$14,535 to address some of the population's needs. 

As part of the same act, QUANJIAN International Natural Medicine Group donated other US$29,070 to rebuild the affected areas.

As is known, China has so far donated at least US$1.5 million for relief efforts in favor of natural disaster victims.

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