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Position Description: Public Engagement Assistant; see also

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Position Description: Public Engagement Assistant
(American Spaces)

 Basic Function of Position:

The incumbent works under the direct supervision of the Public Affairs Officer (or PAO designee). The position supervises one LES (Outreach Assistant). Develops and maintains USG ties with the "Emerging Voices" sector through leadership and broad oversight of the countrywide network of Partner American Spaces. Develops and recommends the Mission's strategic objectives and performance standards for American Spaces; recommends strategic locations for optimal return on investment in American Spaces and overall program development; coordinates sharing of activities and projects among the Partner American Spaces and overall program development; coordinates sharing of activities and projects among the Partner American Spaces; maintains appropriate standards of professional staffing, customer service, physical design and presentation, including branding, and maintenance of facilities, and evaluates each Partner Space’s performance.

 Major Duties and Responsibilities:

I. Operational Oversight--Partner American Spaces (40% of time)

Directs, manages and oversees all Partner American Spaces. Ensures that each Partnership Agreement complies with specific Department requirements.

Regularly visits Partner American Spaces to evaluate activities and programs and compliance with Department branding, disability, security and other requirements. Ensures media and EV audience segment participation in American Space activities and projects. Promotes development and circulation of innovative marketing and engagement techniques among American Spaces. Assesses professional development needs of Partner American Space staff and organizes appropriate training. Establishes standards for Partner staff performance and for recruiting, screening and training of volunteers.

Projects future requirements for enhancements to program, collections and facilities across an Spaces network; develops proposals for Mission- and/or IIP-funded enhancement grants, and prepares grant documents.

II. Strategic Planning: Analysis, Evaluation, Resources and Recommendations (35% of time)

Actively plans at least a year in advance to develop and maintain a comprehensive strategy and detailed plans for changes in the country-wide distribution of partner American Spaces, and for development of programs to be shared among American Spaces throughout the following year to eighteen months. Recommends individual engagements, sustained initiatives, and strategies for showcasing emerging technologies. Determines resource requirements and recommends specific Mission investment in - or divestment of - specific American Space partner agreements as appropriate. Recommends monitoring techniques and metrics for evaluating effectiveness of engagements, initiatives, and the overall program. Evaluates performance of each Partner American Space annually, and recommends actions to Information Officer and Regional Public Engagement Specialist (RPES). Assesses previous activities to fine-tune planned initiatives; identifies project objectives, assessment methods, and outcomes for those initiatives. Contributes to the Mission Integrated Country Strategy (ICS), Public Diplomacy  Implementation Plan (PDIP), and the Public Diplomacy Country Context (PDCC).

III. Intra- and Interagency Coordination (15% of time)

Encourages information exchange across the Mission, including constituent posts, to develop collaborative activities, programs, and shared priorities. Designs marketing strategies for American Spaces; creates opportunities for Mission members to participate in American Space activities; participates in Mission-wide policy working groups. Coordinates security and facility requirements (as appropriate) with the Resource Coordination team, RSO and RPES.

Coordinates American Space strategic content production and distribution with Strategic Content Coordination team. Coordinates with EV Specialist on overall strategies for outreach to Emerging Voices audiences.

IV. Administrative Functions (10% of time)

Budgeting and Financial Resources: Prepares, manages and tracks the American Spaces annual budget, and individual project budgets, for Partner American Spaces, and contributes to the overall PD Resource Allocation Module (PDRAM) budget, in consultation with the Resource Coordination unit.

Fundraising: Works with Information Officer on fundraising for countrywide American Space programs.

General: In coordination with the Resource Coordination team, maintains required office records and files, and ensures that Partner American Space activities are recorded in Mission Activity Tracker (MAT) and contact databases. Drafts office correspondence in English and (local language), including cables, event proposals, and evaluation reports. Provides informal interpretation and translation from/to English and [local language] when required. Serves as
Grants Officer Representative (GOR) for enhancement grants, with responsibilities as indicated in the Delegation of Authority letter.

Note: Job holder will perform other related duties as assigned.

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